Packing And Storage Tips For Clay And Equipment Used At A Small Pottery Studio

If you have a small pottery studio in your home and are going to be expanding and opening up a shop across town, pack and store the equipment and clay that you own inside of a mobile unit with the tips listed below. Properly packing and labeling materials will prevent them from becoming damaged and will make it easy for you to keep track of the items stored inside of the unit.

Simple Tips For Getting The Most From Your Storage Space

Your collection of clothing can take up a tremendous amount of space in your home. To prevent these clothing items from taking up much of your space, it may be wise to store your out-of-season items in a self-storage unit. However, if you have never used a storage unit for your clothes, you may want to use these simple tips to ensure that you avoid some potentially serious oversights. Wash The Clothing Prior To Packing It

Floods Leave You With A Mess? Questions To Ask Before You Rent A Shipping Container For Temporary Storage

If the recent floods have left you needing additional storage space, you might be thinking about renting a certified shipping container. There are actually several benefits to using shipping containers to satisfy your storage needs. One of the benefits is that they can be placed just about anywhere. Another benefit is that they can be locked, which will keep your belongings secure while you take care of the clean-up. Before you rent a shipping container for your emergency storage needs, there are some issues you'll need to take into consideration.

Use A Storage Facility When You Move Into A Tiny Home

If you've been inspired by those who live in tiny homes and have decided to take the plunge and try this no-frills lifestyle for yourself, one of the biggest steps that you'll need to take is figuring out what to do with the bulk of your possessions that won't fit under your new, smaller roof. While you can sell or donate many things, you probably won't want to get rid of everything that won't be moving into the tiny home with you — especially if you have reservations about the long-term nature of this type of living and suspect that you'll be back in a conventional home at some point.

Decluttering: 3 Ways to Make Space in Your Home

There may come a time when there's simply not enough room in your home for everything you want to store. Maybe you don't have enough room to bring in the patio set in the winter or have a book collection that is growing out of control. Here are three ways to help you make space in your home so you can have a more relaxed space.  Invest in Shelving The first, and easiest, way to make more room in your home is to invest in some good shelving units.