How To Organize Your Self Storage Unit For Maximum Efficiency

Getting the most out of your self storage will come down to how you organize it. By getting the setup just right, you'll be able to gain access to everything you need right away. You may also be able to use it as a place of business. Here are four steps to help you organize your self storage unit for maximum efficiency.

Plan Before Storage

Don't just rely on the place you store. You need to plan ahead and make sure you pack everything with efficiency in mind. Think about the items you'll need instant access to and the items you can just leave for storage. You could even mark the boxes on the outside to remember where you have items to easily find them while in storage.

Don't forget to create an inventory. If you don't mark the boxes, put this inventory on the wall of the storage or the front box. You can quickly check this to find items when you need them.

Stick to the Plan

Now you have the plan, it's time to stick to it. Once you get there, it's really easy to start deviating based on time. You will only end up with boxes you need daily right at the back. Take belongings to the storage unit in order, so you have no excuse but to stick to the plan.

If someone deviates from the plan, stop the storage process and work on correcting mistakes. Make it clear to everyone helping that the plan is there for a reason.

Store Items Flat

Create more space in the unit by stacking everything as flat as possible. This means taking cabinets and beds apart where possible. You may find having a table set up is useful if you want to work from there. Use the space underneath for items that you'll need less and put the most commonly required boxes on top. They'll be less stressful on your back when they are at waist height and higher.

Create an Aisle

Make an aisle in your unit, whether it's in the middle or to one side. This makes it much easier to just walk in and find your items. Never block the aisle, no matter how much of a rush you're in. You'll only have to sort it out next time.

Go in with a plan and stick to that plan. You're packing with the items you need the least at the back and those you want regularly at the front. Make sure people are aware of the plan and you will have an efficient unit.For more information, contact local professionals like A Big A Self Storage.