Prepare The Contents Of Your Garage For Temporary Storage

Having access to a self storage unit while you are renovating your garage will protect your possessions from damage or theft. Use the guidelines below to select a rental unit and fill it with your belongings. 

Mini Storage

The term 'mini storage' refers to a self serve storage unit. Rental facilities typically feature individual units that each contain a steel rollup door. Galvanized steel provides a weather-resistant barrier. A key or pin pad will provide access to a rental unit.


Take inventory of the items in your garage. Furnishings, tool benches, and other large items should be measured. Being certain of how much space you will need within a mini storage unit will prevent you from leasing a storage unit that won't be large enough for the contents of your garage.

Throw away items that you do not need. There is no use packing up items that hold no value to you. Disposing of non-essentials could lead you toward renting a smaller storage unit than what you originally would have needed to rent.


Use some packing strategies that will prevent damage to your belongings, plus allow you to get the most use out of the space within your storage unit. Pack heavy items in small cushioned containers. Small containers will be easy to handle when you are carrying your items inside your storage unit.

Purchase some covers for upholstered furnishings and tables. The covers will prevent dust from accumulating on your items while they are being stored.

Label everything. The labeling process is very important. It will help you keep up with your items, plus will dissuade you from stacking heavy cartons or containers on top of ones that contain fragile items.


Before you transport your belongings to the storage facility, prepare your rental unit. Place pallets along the floor. The pallets will keep items clean and dry while they are in storage. 

Mini Storage Loading Tips

Review the labels that you have prepared. Separate boxes and loose items by category. Valuables and bulky items should be placed inside the back part of the storage unit. Less expensive items should be placed inside the front of the unit. Although a unit won't likely be broken into, it is best to use secure strategies when filling the unit.

If any of your items are going to be used while your garage renovations are taking place, designate an area in the front part of your unit for these possessions.

Contact a self storage facility to learn more.