Crating And Palletizing: Key Suggestions For Warehouse Owners

If you own a warehouse, crates and pallets are packaging materials you probably deal with a lot. They give products added organization and protection. Here are just a few actions you can take to improve the way your warehouse deals with crating and palletizing. 

Make Sure Crates Don't Have Extra Space

One thing you don't want with crates when shipping and storing products is added space. This gives said products more opportunities to move around and thus more opportunities to become damaged. You don't want any extra space if possible.

You can start by choosing crates that are the appropriate size. They should fit around your products perfectly while providing adequate support. If you do have extra gaps and you can't order different crate sizes, you can fill in gaps with packaging materials. For instance, you can use foam inserts for added product support.

Secure Stretch Wrap to Products on Pallets

If you have a pallet rack in your warehouse, then you'll probably put a lot of products on pallets and then store them on this racking solution. Before you do, make sure you use stretch wrap around products to secure them to pallets. 

Turntable wrapping machines can make this task a breeze to complete because it lets you automate this task. As long as your products are lined up on pallets correctly, this machine will secure the stretch wrap in a refined manner. Then your products will remain on pallets until this stretch wrap is removed.

Keep Products Contained Within the Pallet's Dimensions

In addition to putting stretch wrap around products on pallets, make sure the products don't go beyond the pallet's dimensions. Even if this happens in a minor way, it can still cause products on pallets to topple over. That's because the products aren't stable and there is a greater chance of hitting them with machinery like forklifts.

Whatever pallets you plan on using in your warehouse, make sure you account for their dimensions and ensure no products on them hang over the sides. It's a simple, yet important, practice that can prevent your pallets from falling over.

If you use pallets and crates around a warehouse environment, you want to know how to work with them properly. Then you can avoid product damage and safety incidents. You can feel good about your crating and palletizing procedures if you study these solutions carefully, as well as the products they're used with.

Call a storage company if you need help with crating and palletizing