3 Tips To Help Keep Pests Out Of Your Self Storage Unit

Keeping insects, rodents, and other pests at bay is an important part of making sure that your items remain clean and undamaged during their time in storage. In order to successfully accomplish this goal, you will need to take some preventative measures when placing items in a self-storage unit. The three tips below can help to ensure that your storage unit does not become home to unwanted pests.

Tip #1: Always Use Airtight Plastic Containers Rather Than Cardboard Boxes

When placing items in storage, many people choose to use cardboard boxes that they pick up for free at a local store. While this is certainly the most affordable option, you should know that using these boxes can greatly increase your risk of pest infestation inside your storage unit. This is because these boxes are easy for pests to get inside and provide the perfect environment for them to nest. That is why you should always use plastic containers with airtight lids to store your items rather than relying on cardboard boxes. As an added bonus, these airtight containers will also protect your items from moisture damage. 

Tip #2: Be Sure To Eliminate All Food From Your Storage Unit

While keeping food out of your storage unit may seem like a very obvious tip, the fact is that many people leave food crumbs inside their storage unit without even realizing it. One of the most common examples of this is food that is stuck inside or underneath couch cushions. In order to ensure there really is no food in your self-storage unit, you will need to take the time to thoroughly clean all furniture and other items before placing them inside the unit. 

Tip #3: Use Peppermint Oil Or Cedar Chips To Deter Pests 

Many self-storage facilities will prohibit you from using any type of chemicals in order to keep pests away. This is because multiple tenants using a variety of pest control chemicals could potentially interfere with the pest control services that the facility uses. There are also safety concerns that come along with the use of multiple pest control chemicals. However, this does not mean that you are unable to take measures to deter pests. Peppermint oil and cedar chips are both natural products that have been proven to keep many different types of pests at bay. Soaking cotton balls in this oil or placing a bowl of cedar chips in your self-storage unit could be all it takes to send pests running in the other direction.

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