Other Great Things About Climate Controlled Storage

For some things being stored, climate-controlled storage units are a must. When things like artwork or antiques are going into storage, it's necessary to make sure they will be kept in a consistent temperature and humidity. Other times, there will be flexibility with storage options because the items may not have those same concerns. You should be aware of the additional reasons climate-controlled units can still be nice to use, though. Here's more on the subject:

Climate controlled units offer better air quality 

Another benefit the units with a controlled climate has is better air quality than the units that don't have climate control. That improved air quality is going to be good for many things that can be stored in the unit. For example, if you are storing things like blankets, pillows, cushions, clothing, and other fabric items, then the better air quality means you won't have to deal with a musty odor when you get the items out of storage. Also, when you are in the unit, you will be breathing cleaner air. This will be especially helpful if you have allergies, asthma, or another condition where poor air quality can cause problems for you. 

Climate controlled storage units are sealed tighter

The storage units set up with climate control will be sealed up tighter. This is done to prevent the cooled or heated air from escaping. However, there are other advantages that come from the units being sealed so tightly. One of the nice advantages of this is having that extra protection from pests being able to get into the unit and into the items you have stored in it. Knowing this may lead you to choose a climate-controlled unit even when you aren't storing fragile items. Also, you won't have to worry about the risk of a storm causing some water to end up in the unit, because that tighter seal will keep the water out. 

Climate controlled storage is just more comfortable

You may not put much thought into how you will feel while inside the unit because you don't plan on spending too much time there. However, as soon as you end up in the unit on a very hot or cold day, you will suddenly see how having that climate control would have been such a good choice. Knowing this now, you will want to consider thinking ahead and going with what's going to e most comfortable.