5 Ways To Reclaim Your Closet

If your closet looks like you are trying to stuff everything you own inside of it and then some, but you can never find anything inside of your closet, you will want to spend some time on closet organization.

1. Empty Everything Out

It is going to be hard to organize your closet when it is full of things. That is why you will want to empty it so that you can see the space that you have to work with.

As you empty it out, try to go through the things you are pulling out. This is just your first run-through. Put items in either a keep or donate pile as you pull them out of your closet. Go with your first instinct when you pull an item out. You may want to have a small trash bag on hand for any trash or damaged items you find as well.

Remove the donated items from your space and see what you have to work with. Then, clean your closet, vacuum it out, and wipe it down, so that you have a clean space to work with.

2. Sort Items by Category

Take what you have left, and start sorting it by category. For example, you can group all your jackets together and all your shoes and purses and tank tops together. Or maybe you want to group things by season. Come up with a category system, and sort things out. This will help you see what you need to organize and fit back in your closet.

As you sort your items into categories, this is another opportunity to go through your items again and weed out more things that you don't need anymore.

3. Decide What To Hang

Next, you are going to want to decide what to hang up in your closet. Generally, you should hang things that are both delicate and sturdy. For example, you will want to hang up things such as dresses, skirts, coats, and blazers.

When you hang things up, use coordinated hangers. Using the same type of hangers will give your closet a more peaceful feeling.

4. Add Shelving

If possible, add shelving to your closet. You can use shelving to stack thick items, such as sweaters and denim. These heavy items do better when they are folded up than when they are hanging up. This will keep them from losing their shape.

With shelving, you can use vertical shelves to stack items that are heavier. You can use horizontal shelving to put boxes with items that you don't use that often or that are out of season.

5. Be Smart With Floor Space

Finally, use your whole closet. Be smart with how you use floor space. Use a shoe organizer to keep your shoes organized and limit the shoes that you keep in the space.

When it comes to organizing your closet, start by removing everything, going through your items, and then putting things back in an organized manner.