Tips For Keeping Your Belongings Safe While In A Storage Unit

Whether you need to store your personal belongings in a storage unit facility for a short amount of time or for a few years, you will want to ensure that you protecting everything. If you just throw caution to the wind and not make use of the following suggestions, you might find that a lot of your stuff is broken or chewed on by mice. To avoid seeing such a disaster, you will want to continue reading.

Remove All Traces Of Food

If there is anything a rodent might want to stack on in your storage unit, they will try their best to get in there. Mice can really flatten their body to the point that they can squeeze through seemingly impossible openings. If they want to get in somewhere, they will get in. This is why is so important to refrain from storing any food in your storage unit, even if it's dry goods and you don't plan on having everything in there for a long time.

Find A Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

Whether you have some snow globes that you collect or you just want to make sure that your expensive perfume is not going to freeze, you will want to seek out the temperature-controlled storage unit facilities. This way, no matter what the weather is outside, it is a nice comfortable temperature on the inside of the storage units. If you do not find any information about temperature-controlled storage units on the websites that you are checking out, you will simply want to give them a call and ask.

Make Sure That There Is Plenty Of Light

It is always best to visit your storage unit during the day and during the hours that the main office is open. This is for safety reasons. However, if your work schedule prevents you from coming at any other time but after it gets dark, you will want to have your stuff in a facility that has plenty of lighting at night. You want there to be so many bright lights that you can barely recognize that it is dark outside. Along with the lights, if it is made known that the grounds are monitored by security cameras, you are much less likely to become victim to theft.

Since some facilities can be completely full, you will want to begin your search for a storage unit as soon as you can.