Packing And Storage Tips For Clay And Equipment Used At A Small Pottery Studio

If you have a small pottery studio in your home and are going to be expanding and opening up a shop across town, pack and store the equipment and clay that you own inside of a mobile unit with the tips listed below. Properly packing and labeling materials will prevent them from becoming damaged and will make it easy for you to keep track of the items stored inside of the unit.

Use Airtight Bags To Store Clay

Place clay inside of plastic bags that are sealed with a vacuum pump. A pump will eliminate air from each bag, preventing clay from drying out or being exposed to moisture. Once bags are filled, affix an adhesive label to the outside of each one that lists the type of clay and its weight. Line up all of the bags inside of a large tote or another durable type of storage bin. Seal the container with a lid and place it in a part of the storage bin that is easily accessible. 

Place Equipment On Rolling Carts

Place large pieces of equipment, such as a kiln or potter's wheel, on a rolling cart that has a flat surface attached to it. Once you move the equipment into the unit, cover the items with tarps that are secured with pieces of rope. Label the outside of each tarp so that you can locate items without needing to uncover them. By keeping the items on the cart, you will avoid having to lift heavy items and will prevent each piece from becoming damaged due to excessive handling.

Add Small Materials To Bins With Dividers

Purchase a couple of bins that have built-in dividers to place small materials in. Tools that you use to paint or engrave pottery can be placed inside of the bin. Dividers will help keep items separated and will make it easy for you to monitor the quantity of each item. If you are going to be using materials that are stored inside of the bin, you will be aware of when additional pieces need to be ordered so that you have plenty of items on hand to complete projects.

The mobile storage unit that you have rented can be picked up and dropped off at another location when you are ready to move. The contents inside of it will remain intact and you can unload the items and use them in the new studio without delay.