Simple Tips For Getting The Most From Your Storage Space

Your collection of clothing can take up a tremendous amount of space in your home. To prevent these clothing items from taking up much of your space, it may be wise to store your out-of-season items in a self-storage unit. However, if you have never used a storage unit for your clothes, you may want to use these simple tips to ensure that you avoid some potentially serious oversights.

Wash The Clothing Prior To Packing It

Some individuals will assume that they should not wash their clothing until they are ready to remove it from storage. While you will want to wash the clothes after removing them from the storage unit, you should also wash them prior to putting them into the unit. If you put dirty clothes into storage, it can be possible for skin cells, dust, and dirt to impart a noticeable odor to the clothing. This may also help to make the clothes more attractive targets to insects and other pests, which can result in them suffering physical damage.

Consider Using Vacuum Seal Bags

When you are choosing a storage unit, you will likely have to pay according to the size of the unit. Therefore, it is essential for you to make sure that you are as efficient as possible with packing your clothes. To this end, vacuum compression bags can be an excellent solution. These bags will compress clothes to a fraction of their normal size, which can allow you to ensure you are getting the most from the space in your storage unit.

Opt For Cedar Chips Over Mothballs

Moths can be attracted to your clothing, and they can eat holes in the fabric that may ruin your clothes. To combat this threat, individuals will often place mothballs with their packed clothing. However, mothballs can cause your clothes to develop a difficult-to-remove musty odor, and some individuals may have allergic reactions to the chemicals in the mothballs. To achieve similar results without these problems, you should consider using cedar chips instead because moths are repelled by the smell of cedar.

Putting your clothing in storage can be an excellent option for freeing up space in your home. To prevent damage to your clothing, you should make sure to wash your clothes prior to storing them, use vacuum compression bags and substitute cedar chips for mothballs. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your storage experience is as smooth as possible. For more information, contact a storage company like Simonson's Mini Storage.