Use A Storage Facility When You Move Into A Tiny Home

If you've been inspired by those who live in tiny homes and have decided to take the plunge and try this no-frills lifestyle for yourself, one of the biggest steps that you'll need to take is figuring out what to do with the bulk of your possessions that won't fit under your new, smaller roof. While you can sell or donate many things, you probably won't want to get rid of everything that won't be moving into the tiny home with you — especially if you have reservations about the long-term nature of this type of living and suspect that you'll be back in a conventional home at some point. Here are some things that you'll be able to keep in a storage facility near your tiny home.

Extensive Collections

If you have any sort of sizable collection, it likely won't fit in your tiny home. Given that you'll probably not want to get rid of what has taken you time and money to collect, a storage unit is the perfect new home for these items. Whether you collect shoes, postage stamps, action figures, baseball cards, vinyl records or books from a certain author, you can take care to package these things up securely and store them in a unit at your local storage facility. If you ever need to retrieve items from the collection, they'll be readily available, but they won't add clutter in your tiny home.

Full-Size Appliances

Full-size appliances typically won't fit into a tiny home. You'll conventionally want to use a bar-size fridge and you may wash dishes by hand instead of place them in the dishwasher. If you currently own several full-size appliances, and especially if they're relatively new, a storage unit is the best place to keep them if you don't want to sell them. If you decide in the future to return to a normal-sized home, you can just get the items back out of storage. If you decide that you love tiny home living and plan to stay for a long time, you can sell the appliances.


If your full-sized home was adorned with art, you likely won't be able to take most of it when you move into a tiny home. Not only will there be less wall space, but the walls of a tiny home are often covered with things that will make the area more efficient. For example, there might be a fold-down bed or a fold-down table against the wall. While you may be able to keep a few pieces of smaller art for the new home, the bulk of it will have to be kept in your storage unit, like those at All American Mini Storage.