Decluttering: 3 Ways to Make Space in Your Home

There may come a time when there's simply not enough room in your home for everything you want to store. Maybe you don't have enough room to bring in the patio set in the winter or have a book collection that is growing out of control. Here are three ways to help you make space in your home so you can have a more relaxed space. 

Invest in Shelving

The first, and easiest, way to make more room in your home is to invest in some good shelving units. Bookcases add vertical storage space in your home so you have more room for the things you want. Industrial shelving units can help expand storage space in a basement, too. Even small shelving units, like little wicker corner units for bathrooms, can make space for extra items. 

Have a Garage Sale

One way to make space and a little cash is to have a garage sale. How can you get ready for one? Start by going to each room in the home with a box and collecting one item you don't want or need. As you go, price your items. This helps eliminate the stress of pricing dozens of items at the same time later.

If you do this each day for a couple of weeks or decide to really crack down and throw multiple items into the box each day, then you'll start getting together a good collection of items for a sale. You will know you have enough items when you can fill at least one six-foot table with goods. Realistically, the more item you have for sale, the better your chances of making a sale. 

Remember to pick out a few larger items to draw in crowds, too. If you have old furniture or decorative items, make sure they're up front and center so people see them from the road on the day of your sale. 

Use Self-Storage

If you don't want to sell anything and need extra storage, the next option is vying for a self-storage unit, such as one from Pearl Street Self Storage. These units come in a number of sizes, usually starting at around 5 by 7 feet and ranging up to sizes large enough to house boats or RVs. Self-storage units can usually be accessed most hours of the day and are surrounded by security fencing or locked inside a temperature-controlled building, so you know your items will be safe. 

These are just a few tips for keeping your home decluttered. Try one or all three, and you'll have a more open, stress-free environment.