Plan On Renting A Small Storage Unit? 3 Ways To Optimize Storage Organization

Storage units are useful to a lot of people, which explains why they are all around the country. But, when it comes to how much they cost, the dollar amount goes up drastically as they get larger in size. A 5x5 storage unit may only run you a mere $40 a month, but a 10x20 unit could cost you as much as $180 per month. It makes sense because of how much extra space you are getting, but it is still a high price to pay. It is possible to get around this by being extremely clever with your storage organization.

Build Your Own Freestanding Shelving Units

When you get a storage unit, it is going to be completely empty. This means no built-in storage to make it easy to optimize how much space you end up using, so this becomes your responsibility. The most effective solution is to build your own freestanding shelving units and then bring them to the unit. It may take a while to put together if you are not familiar with woodworking, but it is a fairly simple project. The great thing is that it does not have to look pretty, as long as it is built well for safe storage.

Use All of the Same Plastic Bins

Once you finish the shelving units and are ready to start putting things into storage, you should consider replacing any plastic bins or cardboard boxes that you already have with bins that are uniform in size. It will be tough to stack plastic bins and fit things in an organized fashion with mismatched containers. Knowing the bins that you are going to buy and use before you start building the shelving units is ideal. This will allow you to construct them with the plastic bin measurements to avoid any empty space.

Make Clever Use of Floor Level Storage

It is important to be careful about what you put on the floor level of the storage unit due to the risk of moisture seeping through the bottom and damaging your possessions. Furniture is at the highest risk, so it is best when you can disassemble the furniture enough to put the pieces on the shelving units. It is even better if you are able to fit the pieces into the plastic bins, as this will lead to highly-optimized storage. The key is to make sure plastic bins and shelving unit legs are the only things on the ground.

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