Store Your Belongings In A Storage Unit Temporarily When Leaving An Abusive Relationship

Being in an abusive relationship can create a very dangerous situation for someone. If you want to get out of an abusive relationship, but do not have another house to take all of your belongings to, consider putting them in storage temporarily so that you can keep them safe until you can get back on your feet. The following guide provides you with helpful information to make the storage process as easy as possible.

Choose a Storage Facility Located Far Away from Your Home

When you choose a storage facility to store your belongings in, be sure to choose a facility that is not located near the home where you have been living with your abuser. You do not want him or her to be able to easily find out where your belongings are being stored because they may try to surprise you when you go to get something out of your storage unit one day. Choosing a facility that is located a good distance from the home will diminish the chances of the abuser finding out where your items are being stored.

Choose a Storage Facility with Tight Security

Take the time to look for a facility that has tight security. You want to be sure that your abuser cannot make his or her way into the facility any time that they choose. There are some facilities that have gated entries that require you to have a specific code in order to be able to get into the facility. Also, there are some facilities that have cameras installed all over the property to ensure that the facility is as safe as it can be.

Choose a Facility that Offers a Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

When you move out of the house, you more than likely will not know how long it will take you to be able to get your own house. Since you may stay with friends or family for an undetermined amount of time, choosing a facility that offers you a month-to-month rental option will allow you to stop the rental agreement as soon as you find your own place, so that you do not have to pay any more for the unit then you absolutely have to.

It is best to try to remove your belongings from the home when your abuser is not present. This will diminish the chances of you being abused when you try to leave. Be sure to have others help you with the move so that it can go as quickly as possible. To learn more, contact a company like LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center