Things You Shouldn't Put In Your Self-Storage Unit

If you're thinking about renting a storage unit to make extra space at home or work, one of the first things you should do is find out what you can and cannot store in your unit. Policies vary by facility, but you'll probably find most of them follow the general guidelines listed below.

Perishable Foods

You'll probably be allowed to store food that's in cans, but foods in boxes and bags are likely to be forbidden. That's because food attracts insects and mice. Having food in your unit could draw pests that damage your belongings and it could create a pest problem for the facility. Therefore, you'll have to find another place to store large quantities of pet food or survival food. Also, you won't be able to store frozen food because you probably won't be allowed to plug in a freezer or refrigerator.

Dangerous Materials

Gasoline and oil are normally prohibited in a storage unit. The risk of fire is too great. The fire could damage your belongings as well as the facility itself. You may actually be liable if you store something such as fireworks or cans of gasoline in your unit and a fire breaks out. You can still store lawn equipment such as a mower, weed trimmer, or blower that operates on gas. You just have to drain the gas and oil before you put the equipment in storage. Besides gas, you probably won't be able to store things such as house paint, fertilizer, and propane tanks. If you need to store commercial equipment or materials, be sure to ask about your items before you rent the unit to make sure what you want to store is allowed.

Unregistered Vehicles

You can find a storage facility that lets you store your boat, car, RV, or motorcycle, but all the vehicles must be legally registered and licensed first. Therefore, you won't be able to store junk cars and vehicles that you plan to restore some day. You may be able to store certain auto parts, and even tires, but you'll probably be limited in the type and amount of parts you can store. For instance, the storage facility may not allow you to store a large number of tires because if you abandon the unit, they will have to get rid of what you leave behind.

In addition to knowing what you can't store in your unit, you should also know what isn't a good idea to store even though it is allowed. If you plan to store fragile documents, valuable paintings, or expensive furniture, it isn't a good idea to put them in a general storage unit that doesn't have climate control. Instead, a climate controlled unit is necessary if your things could be harmed by changes in humidity or temperature. Contact a business, such as North Star Mini Storage, for more information.