Go Green During Your Move With These Three Tips

Americans stay on the move. In fact, the average person moves every 5 years. This can result in a lot of trash during a move. With so many people moving throughout the country, the landfill is getting filled with tons of trash. In an effort to keep the landfills free from moving materials, you have to be conscientious of what you are using and how you use it. To make your move more greener, here are a few tips to help you get started. 

Get Reusable Storage Boxes

During a move, you may end up going through loads of trash. Between cardboard boxes, packing materials, and old unused items, you could end up filling the landfill with all your junk. Experts suggest that moving a house can result in 90 disposable boxes. Many people may choose to keep and reuse them, but if they are made of cardboard, they are only going to last but so long. Instead of using disposable boxes, you want to use boxes that are going to be used for other purposes too. Plastic boxes are great for not only moving, but they can serve as storage too. While a cardboard box is known to last for only about 4 moves, plastic boxes can last up to 500 moves

Ask the Storage Facility Workers

During a move, you may end up with way more items than you can house. In an effort to keep these items without filling your home up, you can place them in a storage facility. When you go to store the items, be careful about what storage materials you choose. Instead of using bubble wrap for all your fragile items, utilize some of your fabrics you have lying around the home. Everything from towels to old shirts can be used for wrapping the fragile items and it won't cause more trash in the landfill when you are done using them. 

Use the Smallest Vehicle Possible

Every trip you make back and forth or every rental truck you have to purchase can end up costing more fuel which puts out more emissions into the air. If possible, you want to get rid of as much stuff as you can so you can take less trips and use the smallest rental possible. This can be done by holding a garage sale or donating items to your local thrift store. This also helps keep the junk out of landfills and allow someone else who needs them to use them. As a bonus, you maybe able to take your donation off on your taxes.